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Taste buds on the tip of your tongue 3D open a new era of healthy eating



Taste buds on the tip of your tongue 3D open a new era of healthy eating

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2018/09/06 11:30
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Excessive intake of sugar, salt and high fat (high calorie) is the leading cause of obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of living standards, the number of chronic diseases caused by the imbalance of nutritious meals has been increasing year by year, which also causes great burden on people's quality of life and society. How ability reasonable meal, eat not only satiate good, still can eat healthy? This topic is getting more and more attention.


May 6, hefei, anhui? Street "mushroom times" cup fourth China (hefei) catering industry conference and the first China (hefei) folk food culture tourism festival with the vast number of diners. The conference advocates "stepping into the age of mushroom" to let 3D health and delicious peers. It is understood that the so-called 3D refers to the diet 3D, which is sweet, salty and fresh. Corresponding to low sugar, low salt, low fat, one meat, one vegetable and one mushroom; Corresponding to nutrition, delicious, healthy, this trinity abbreviation 3D. 3D food and functional food featured by 3D have been adhering to the tenet of "reducing sugar without reducing sweetness, salt without reducing salt, fat without reducing freshness", contributing nutrition, delicacy and health.


Over the past hundred years, with the continuous progress and improvement of industrial technology, MSG, represented by MSG, has made an important contribution to meet people's taste needs. From the first generation of MSG to the second generation of chicken powder, while providing food and the delicious taste of taste buds, there is an undeniable defect, which is the risk to human health. At this time, the third generation of fresh monosodium glutamate came from the birth of a variety of rare edible fungi, which ensured the safety of the public diet. Different from the former, mushroom stock effectively avoids the problem of MSG decomposition and thirst after meal caused by excessive cooking with MSG. The important thing is that the long stewing of mushroom stock does not produce decomposition, but also makes the original taste of various ingredients more vivid and more delicious.


In addition, the cultivation of mushroom has "no competition with people for grain, land, fertilizer, agriculture, and other industries for resources". Fungus and mushroom do not need big water conservancy in the process of cultivation, and turn decay into magic (use branches, leaves, straw, stem, core... ); The fungus has the biological characteristic of heavy metal adsorption and can transform the soil effectively. Large-scale cultivation of mushroom can replace food crops and free more land for food planting.


From the high-sweetness, low-calorie, healthy sugar represented by yuanzhen sugar in the 1990s, to the salt-reducing, non-salt-reducing and low-sodium mushroom salt in the early 2000s, and to the modern mushroom soup combining salty, fresh, nutritious, delicious and healthy, which combines sweet, salty and fresh traditional delicacies into one: low sugar, low salt and low fat; One meat, one vegetable and one mushroom; Nutrition, delicious and healthy, three-in-one diet 3D, gambling game cracking method. Experts have argued that develop the rare fungus mushroom, promoting dietary bacteria proportion of edible mushroom, and widely used in it is characterized by clear 3 d food, can become the engine of the reform of the supply side in the 123 industries, is the core of the whole industry chain value future ascension, foundation and key, will also open a food into a rare fungus mushroom to deep processing and the quality of life to the health of the characteristics of the new era.